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Image World – Cloud PACS

Visbion Image World is our online hosted version of our successful integrated Veterinary PACS solution which provides a fantastic and secure cloud based archive for storing all types of images in one place, including, but not limited too, CR, DR, MRI, CT, Ultrasound. This means that there is no need for local hardware anymore making it extremely flexible.

Image World allows an unlimited number of users per account and the ability to log in using a secure username and
password from anywhere with an internet connection, making it the perfect method to keep connected for our UK and overseas customers. Coupled with limitless capacity you need never to run out of storage or worry about data migrations again.

Furthermore, Image World allows review of high quality images using a standard web browser, which incorporates all the
tools expected from a high end workstation. Features include a full range of image review tools, side-by- side image comparison of studies from different dates, extensive measurement tools and more.

Image World is available as a convenient subscription model, with predictable monthly payments. All your data is stored in our dual secure data centres, freeing you from the daily chores of backups, system updates and virus checks.




Why Image World?