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Image Archive – Local PACS

Visbion Veterinary PACS is the leading PACS solution, specifically designed for veterinary use and employed by veterinary practices and hospitals throughout the world.

By combining Visbion component products, the PACS system is fully scalable and can be tailored for each individual practice:

Image Archive is a single central archive providing secure storage for all your images. It allows review and manipulation of full resolution DICOM images and includes the full range of image review tools, side-by-side image comparison, extensive measurement tools and the burning of CD/DVD’s. JPEG images such as Ultrasound single views or digital photos can be imported and kept with the animal’s record. With the right security and internet connection in place, images can even be reviewed from off-site including branch practices or queries to vets working at home. JPEG images, e.g. Ultrasound or Digital Photos can also be imported and kept with the animal’s record.

Apple devices and tablet computers can be used to query/retrieve the Visbion Archive if required, with the correct security and internet connection in place.

The solution is available for all size practices.

Visbion Veterinary PACS Entry-Level

Visbion Veterinary PACS Mid-Range

Visbion Veterinary PACS Enterprise