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Visbion is a leading specialist in medical image acquisition, distribution, management and display solutions. Visbion’s innovative solutions are based on technology originally developed out of Imperial College, London, after a decade of research by internationally renowned scientists in medical informatics. In addition to developing the Visbion product set, the company’s scientists have contributed significantly to the industry standards bodies such as the ACR-NEMA DICOM committees.

Our Solutions

Visbion operates globally, providing individual PACS solutions and tools to the Healthcare, Veterinary and Life Sciences markets. In addition, the company has an extensive OEM programme and the technology is embedded as the image management system within a number of leading electronic medical record systems provided by other vendors around the world.

Visbion offers a complete solution to its customers, including hardware, software, implementation and training services. Ongoing service and support are paramount in Visbion’s continued success, and the company prides itself on being fully responsive to clients’ needs.

Ethical Practice

The Visbion Code of Ethics ensures that we conduct business in a fully compliant and transparent manner. We apply clear principles in our day-to-day business activities to act as an ethical, socially and environmentally responsible organisation.