Visbion response to NHS Cyber Attack

May 2017. Following news of a widespread ransomware infection in the NHS network, Visbion took the proactive decision to shut down our N3/Transition Network connectivity on Friday (12 May).  This was a precautionary measure to ensure that our infrastructure and customer data were not vulnerable to this attack, and that our service provision could not be used to further disseminate the malicious program in question to our customers and users.

Our Professional Services Team have carefully reviewed the ransomware used in the reported attack, and have ensured that the Microsoft Windows Operating System patch*, PC Firewall configuration**, and network firewalls are all in place to protect our N3 connected infrastructure, customer data, and service users.

We can confirm that Visbion has not been affected by this incident and is fully protected against the vulnerability which allowed this ransomware to spread across the NHS network.

We have therefore reactivated our N3/Transition Network connection, and are available to provide our customers with any support they require in resuming normal service provision.

* KB4012598, KB4012212, KB4012215, KB4012213, KB4012216, KB4012214, KB4012217, KB4012606, KB4013198, and/or KB4013429

** Port 445 (SMB) blocked or robustly filtered”