Visbion look to the future with management changes and continued focus on excellence in their products

Jan 2018. Visbion enters the New Year with a number of key changes to the management structure. These are designed to play to the strengths of the whole team and ensure delivery of the best possible service to our customers. Former Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mark van Rossum has now taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), using his wealth of experience in management and business development in the healthcare sector to lead Visbion forwards. This will allow Dr Stefan Claesen to step into the job of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), a role to which he is ideally suited, bringing a wealth of technical experience and expertise. The change will enable him to focus more closely on the development of the core technologies that make up the Visbion product range as well as looking towards exciting new products.

Mark has working in the healthcare market for over 30 years and has managed many large projects over that time. Since joining Visbion in summer 2016, Mark has shown himself to be a dedicated and effective COO and there is no doubt that he will continue to be highly effective in his new role. As CEO he will oversee all aspects of the business, including our ongoing relationships with customers and partner companies as well as looking for new opportunities to grow the company.

Stefan is internationally renowned as an expert in the development of information technology for the healthcare market. He has been involved in writing a number of sections of the internationally recognised DICOM (digital imaging and communication in medicine) Standard, which is a key component of the Visbion software. In his new role at CTO, Stefan will use his extensive skill set and knowledge base to focus more centrally on the ongoing development of the Visbion product range. Alongside this he will also be continuing with existing and future customer relationships.

Visbion Chairman Professor Richard Kitney stated that this was ‘An exciting new chapter for Visbion and the whole team are looking forward to seeing the positive results that these changes will bring’.