Visbion and ezyVet achieve Practice Management System and DICOM Modality Worklist integration for DKC Veterinary Clinic

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June 2017. Visbion have supplied an Image Archive PACS for DKC Veterinary Clinic (a Dubai Kennels & Cattery company). As part of this install, Visbion have incorporated Smart Integration with ezyVet – the centre’s chosen practice management system.

The practice, based in Motor City, Dubai, was opened in early 2015 and is an extension of Dubai Kennels & Cattery, aimed at allowing the company to provide services for all aspects of companion animal care. Within the purpose-built practice, DKCVet have a range of imaging modalities, including ultrasound, DR and dental radiography. In order to securely store the images from all of these systems, DKCVet decided to invest in a PACS and with the assistance of Medical Plus, the Visbion Image Archive system was proposed and accepted.

The Image Archive PACS allows for secure storage plus access to query, retrieve and view images from any modality on a single workstation, providing a fantastic all-round solution. Standard practice management integration allows users to access the Visbion patient record directly from the ezyVet system. The more extensive Smart Integration deployed at DKCVet enables DICOM modality worklists to be created on receipt of an imaging request booking from the ezyVet system. The patient information is populated automatically on the imaging devices, leading to improved efficiency and a reduction in errors by avoiding the requirement to manually input patient details on the modality. This form of integration is rarely seen in the veterinary community and Visbion were delighted to leverage their experience of DICOM modality worklists from the healthcare industry to complete this new installation.