Small Practice

New Image Archive Micro Plus is the ideal image management solution for a small practice that is moving to a single CR or DR imaging device.

Replacing the Image Archive Micro which is used by more practices in the UK than any other solution, Image Archive Micro Plus is a small image archive with a built-in web server, allowing review of high quality images all around the practice using a standard web browser. With the right security and internet connection in place, images can even be reviewed from outside the practice.

The web viewing software allows the viewing of full resolution DICOM images and includes the full range of image review tools, side-by-side image comparison, extensive measurement tools and the burning of CD/DVD’s. JPEG images, e.g. Ultrasound or Digital Photos can also be imported and kept with the animal’s record.

Apple devices and tablet computers can be used to query/retrieve the Visbion Archive if required, with the correct security and internet connection in place.

In addition, The Image Archive Micro Plus acts as an effective independent backup device for all the images from your acquisition device. This eliminates the need to produce separate CD or DVD backups. Visbion has extensive experience in working with devices from a wide range of manufacturers, including Agfa, Fuji, GE, Kodak, Konica-Minolta, Philips, Siemens and many others. The new Image Archive Micro Plus now includes Practice Management System integration and back-up to Visbion’s Image Cloud, Image World.

Overview of Image Archive Micro Plus

  • Storage of 50,000 typical X-ray images
  • Single imaging device connection, eg CR or DR
  • Up to 3 concurrent users viewing images, unlimited registered users
  • Online backup to a Visbion server
  • Practice Management System Integration

Overview of VPACS Entry-Level

  • Storage of 150,000 typical X-Ray images
  • Connection for up to 3 Modalities such as CR, DR, Ultrasound
  • Up to 5 concurrent users viewing images on Image Web – unlimited registered users
  • Image Viewer (optional)
  • Integration ready with Practice Management Systems
  • Online backup to a Visbion server

“The Image Archive Micro Plus also acts as an effective independent backup device for all the images from your acquisition device”

Image Archive Micro Plus and VPACS Entry Level are available through Visbion’s specialist Veterinary distributors, see Where to Buy.

Download Image Archive Micro Plus datasheet

Image Viewer (Optional) has similar functionality to the Image Web with additional manipulation tools. It also allows the saving of annotations made such as measurements, etc., back to the Archive. DICOM/Jpeg images, such as MRI/CT, Vetting X-Rays, Endoscopy etc. can be imported or acquired from another practice from CD, DVD or Image Capture Device and added to the animal’s record. This also helps reduce the need for CD/DVD’s stored around the practice. Image Viewer can be added to a PC in the practice or as a complete solution with a Diagnostic Workstation.

Downlad Image Viewer datasheet

A range of DICOM Calibrated Monitors are also available to add to a PC in the practice for high resolution viewing.

For more details on any of the above, please contact us by calling +44 (0) 370 850 3486 or email