Mobile Solutions & Remote Solutions

For vets on the move or for connecting remote sites or mobile services, Visbion has the ideal solutions:

Visbion Image Cube allows encrypted and compressed data transmission from remote sites. Ideal where a practice has more than one site that needs an image management solution. For example a branch practice converts to CR/DR and wants an archive & image distribution solution as on their main practice where the VPACS Server is based. The installation of a Visbion Image Cube allows images to be sent to the VPACS Server for secure storage and allows the viewing of images there or back at the branch practice via Image Web. An animal can therefore be x-rayed at either site and images compared on the same screen irrespective of where they were acquired.

Download Image Cube datasheet

Visbion Image World is Visbion’s online hosted version of its successful integrated PACS solution and currently provides online storage solutions for many UK and overseas customers. The system provides secure storage for all types of images in one place, including CR, DR, MRI, CT, Ultrasound and many more. Image World allows review of high quality images using a standard web browser, from anywhere with the appropriate network and security mechanisms in place.

Download Image World datasheet

Visbion Image Book allows VPACS to be delivered pre-loaded onto a laptop for those who require a fully portable solution. Image Book is a convenient and compact solution with no compromise on functionality or features. It stores 20,000 images and comes with the Image Viewer software to allow full manipulation tools including the importing of images from CD/memory stick and the exporting to CD/DVD also.

Download Image Book datasheet

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