Mobile Solutions

For connecting remote sites or for mobile services, Visbion has the ideal solutions:

xray_trailer_250Visbion Image Cube

The Visbion Image Cube allows encrypted and compressed data transmission from remote sites. Ideal where a hospital has more than one site that needs an image management solution or for mobile imaging units that need to connect with different hospital sites and systems.

Image Cube

imagebookVisbion Image Book

The Visbion Image Book allows IPACS to be delivered pre-loaded onto a laptop for those who require a fully portable solution. Image Book is a convenient and compact solution with no compromise on functionality or features.  It stores 20,000 images and comes with the Image Viewer software to allow full manipulation tools including the importing of images from CD/memory stick and the exporting to CD/DVD also.

Image Cube for Mobile Breast Screening

The Visbion connectivity service for Mobile Breast Screening Units utilises the Image Cube technology with additional functionality provided via a 3G/4G connection and the N3 network. Images are compressed, encrypted and routed back the hospital and in addition, van workers can have access to real time work lists and the NBSS.

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