NECVN Cardiac Network Data Sharing

Visbion has completed a pioneering project enabling secure cardiac image and data sharing throughout the North of England Cardiovascular Network (NECVN)

The ground-breaking project involved developing a network wide approach to the electronic transfer of cardiac data for imaging, Echo, ECG, angiography and associated cardiac data between remote hospital sites.

To deliver secure and rapid storage, bi-directional transfer and viewing of cardiac data for the nine acute Trusts in the network, Visbion’s innovative technology solutions have been installed, connecting disparate image management systems within each hospital and creating a full audit trail.

The Visbion solution is built around the versatile Image Cube and utilises other Visbion software components to provide a tailored regional solution which is sensitive to local workflow. Some of the Trusts involved have also taken the opportunity to install dedicated storage solutions or to introduce a full Visbion IPACS for Cardiology.


Since June 2010, over 3500 patients have been archived in the Visbion system and images can be accessed and viewed from any workstation in any networked hospital. All Trusts are now able to transfer examinations to Referral Centres and the Multi Disciplinary Team meetings are now greatly facilitated by being able to view shared images from remote locations.

Now the need for images to be saved to CD and sent has been eliminated, the Trusts are realising significant cost savings and improved efficiency, ultimately leading to improved cardiac care for the 3.2 million population covered by NECVN.  A full audit trail of data transfer can help business managers and clinicians understand their workload in a way that wasn’t previously possible. As the Visbion solution can be leveraged for all medical imaging transfer, this greater enhances the importance of data transfer to the clinicians.

Peter Mercer, Director of the North of England Cardiovascular Network acknowledged that the issue of data image transfer had been a longstanding issue for all provider Trusts in the North East: “The Visbion project demonstrated the need for all provider Trusts to work together in a coordinated manner to resolve the problem. Patient care will benefit significantly in terms of speed of clinician access to high quality data imaging and storage. The ability to do away with copying images to CD and transferring them between Provider trusts at significant cost and delay cannot be underestimated. I am very pleased the project was delivered within scope and budget, our patients are already benefitting from this technology and I am very pleased to have partnered with Visbion in achieving this.”

The NECVN solution has truly proved that direct engagement between suppliers and end users, provides a robust and clinically beneficial solution. Cost savings from this innovative solution has greatly benefited the cardiac network and can be used to further enhance care across the North of England.