First Finnish Veterinary Practice signs up to Image World

image world; pacs; veterinary; radiography
Chertsey, UK. December 2016. Talliklinikka, a veterinary practice based in the Uusimaa region of Finland have signed up to an Image World account. The clinic was established in 2002 and offers both Equine and Small Animal services to their clients. Having acquired a portable x-ray unit, the three vet practice were looking for a secure but simple way to store their radiographs and were keen on the idea of using a cloud based system as there would be no need to install new hardware. Practice vet Minna Viitanen started a free trial of Image World (Visbion’s cloud-based PACS) after visiting the Visbion exhibition stand at the annual BEVA congress earlier this year. Tallikinikka’s mobile digital x-ray system, provided by Medical Econet GmbH, Germany, has been configured to send studies to Image World when connected to a suitable network, creating a simple workflow for the practice vets. Talliklinikka are also looking to integrate their practice management system with Image World in order to further improve efficiency.