British Veterinary Association has been using Visbion solution for 10 years

It is amazing to think that 10 years ago we developed software for the British Veterinary Association (BVA). The bespoke solution enabled canine hip scoring under The Hip Dysplasia Scheme using digital images . We are delighted that they continue to use our technology today.

The Hip Dysplasia Scheme was established by BVA and the Kennel Club in 1965 to reduce the incidence and severity of the condition which can have serious effects on the health, behaviour and welfare of dogs.

The Visbion software displays the x-ray images on dual high resolution monitors and provides the BVA scrutineers with specially developed tools to scale the image and take accurate assessments and measurements. The image can then be securely archived.

Fairford Medical Group has chosen Visbion Image Cube Managed Service to provide connectivity for their trailers and relocatables

Visbion Image Cube has been installed on three mobile scanning units for Fairford Medical Group with a view to being rolled out to the rest of their mobile diagnostic imaging facilities following a successful trial.

Image Cube managed service VisbionFairford Medical Group provides affordable new or refurbished MRI, CT, Ultrasound and X-Ray medical diagnostic imaging equipment for mobile, relocatable or modular and static installation. The Visbion Image Cube Managed Mobile Service will enable real-time transfer of scans and data between the mobile unit and the main hospital.

The Visbion Image Cube ensures scans are transferred rapidly and securely to the host hospital’s PACS, ready for immediate diagnosis. Live worklists are also enabled with changes to appointments, etc being updated in real time.

By using 3G/4G mobile networks, Visbion provides highly efficient remote support and management of the system. When the mobile unit moves location, the Image Cube will automatically reconnect to the hospital network so that it is ready to scan immediately, without the need for costly re-configuration of the modality.

Stefan Claesen, Visbion’s CEO said “We are proud to be working with Fairford Medical. We have extensive experience in this type of mobile connectivity and we are delighted that our Image Cube Managed Service is fast becoming the solution of choice in this area of healthcare.”

For enquiries, please contact Visbion,

medneo UK selects Visbion Image Cube to connect new mobile diagnostic scanning facilities

Visbion is delighted to announce that the company’s innovative Image Cube has been selected by medneo UK for their brand-new mobile MRI scanning units.

The Image Cube Managed Mobile Service enables real-time transfer of scans and data between the mobile unit and the main hospital.

medneo is one of Germany’s premier diagnostic imaging providers, with static and mobile imaging services across Germany and Switzerland. Using this extensive experience, medneo UK will now provide premier diagnostic mobile MRI and static MRI imaging services in the UK to help reduce patient waiting times and offer a unique diagnostic experience.

The Visbion Image Cube has been installed on the first two uniquely designed and first of its kind medneo mobile trailers, the design of which allows for higher efficiency and patient throughput while also offering comfort and privacy for patients. The Visbion Image Cube ensures MRI scans are transferred directly to host hospital’s PACS, ready for immediate diagnosis. Live worklists are also enabled with changes to appointments, etc being updated in real time.

By using 3G/4G mobile networks, Visbion provides highly efficient remote support and management of the system. When the mobile unit moves location, the Image Cube will automatically reconnect to the hospital network so that it is ready to scan immediately, without the need for costly re-configuration of the modality.

Andy Spellman (Head of UK for medneo) said, “medneo UK has chosen to partner with Visbion as their proven technology delivers high-quality, reliable services. The Visbion product facilitates efficient connectivity between our innovative mobile MRI scanners and our customers’ systems. The Visbion team is very responsive and delivers a first-class service.”

Stefan Claesen, Visbion’s CEO said ‘We are extremely proud to have been chosen by medneo UK for their state-of-the-art mobile diagnostic facilities. Our gold standard Image Cube technology is proven; being currently employed in mobile units across the UK and Europe to improve efficiency and security for screening and diagnostic scanning services”

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Workshop 13th June 2019. Mobile Breast Screening ; Working towards a paperlite and paperless workflow

Visbion is hosting a Mobile Breast Screening Workshop on Thursday 13th June 2019.

The theme of the workshop is ‘Mobile Breast Screening ; Working towards a paperlite and paperless workflow’

Our informal and informative day will be held at Brooklands Hotel, Brooklands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0SL and will run from 10am to 3.30pm.

Learn more about how Trusts within the BSP are connecting remote screening facilities with the main hospital systems and NBSS to provide a secure and rapid transfer of images and data; ultimately leading to a paperless environment. The format of the workshop will be based around participation and discussion.

Speakers from two NHS Trusts will share their recent experiences with short presentations regarding transforming and streamlining their workflow.

Donna Shevlin – Breast Clinical Systems Manager (University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwick)

Dr Anthony Aylwin – Consultant Radiologist. Director Of Breast Screening, Epping Breast Unit

Anyone involved in mobile breast screening services is welcome to attend. Please let us know if you are able to join us by completing our online RSVP. Full agenda and timings for the day will be sent out a little nearer the time.

Another NHS Trust goes paperless for Breast Screening Programme

Visbion is delighted to announce that  our technology has enabled another NHS Trust to go paperless for the National Breast Screening programme.

We are currently working with Trusts across the country to provide connectivity between mobile breast screening trailers and the main hospital site. Our Image Cube technology allows mammography scans to be quickly and safely encrypted and transferred via 4G from the mobile screening van to the hospital systems. This ensures that there are no delays in making the imaging available for reporting by the radiologist.

In addition, the breast screening staff can now directly access NBSS, as well as their NHS email from a laptop in the mobile unit.

The Trusts are now finding that by implementing Image Cube managed software service, they can very quickly eliminate the need for scans and clinic lists to be transported by courier between the screening van and the hospital. The switch to a paperless workflow will increase efficiency and data security as well as reduce costs.

If you are looking for a paperless solution, contact us now – or call us on 0370 850 3486

Visbion has pioneered a ‘UK first’ for mobile connectivity in Healthcare

Visbion has pioneered a ‘UK first’ for mobile connectivity in Healthcare, with involvement in a new lung screening programme.

For the first time ever in the UK, a mobile screening truck has been able to operate from a Supermarket car park, with no infrastructure and connect directly to the main hospital, in this case Royal Brompton.

Specialists at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals have joined forces with RM Partners, the west London cancer alliance hosted by leading cancer centre The Royal Marsden, to provide lung screening and vital early diagnosis for those at risk of developing lung cancer.

The NHS England-funded initiative, includes the use of a CT scanner in a mobile truck, which is sited in a supermarket car park for ease of access by patients. This means that there is no infrastructure in place (mains power, telephone, broadband) to allow connection to the main hospital. Traditionally, all the scan images would need to be sent by courier to the hospital at the end of the day with appointment booking lists and patient records manually updated at a later date.

Using a bespoke solution based on Visbion’s proven Image Cube technology, CT scans taken on the truck can now be sent quickly and securely via 3G/4G to the hospital. Working on battery power after the generator powering the truck has been turned off, encrypted images are safely transferred overnight ready for reporting the next morning.

In addition, the Visbion solution allows for direct access to all the Hospital IT systems including booking and appointment systems, access to electronic patient records and the ability for the staff to log into NHS email.

Stefan Claesen, Visbion’s CEO said ‘Our Image Cube software lends itself perfectly to this type of challenging situation and we have a talented team of Healthcare connectivity specialists who have been working on this development. Our technology is proven; being currently employed in mobile units to improve efficiency and security for the National Breast Screening Service. Needless to say, we are extremely proud to have been chosen by the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Trust for this ground-breaking project.’

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We are hiring – Veterinary Sales and Account Manager

Join our team and be part of a dynamic and fast-moving technology company.

If you are a professional sales person with a proven track record, looking for the next challenge, we would love to hear from you.

Visbion is a world leading supplier of software for image storage, viewing, routing and management in the Healthcare, Veterinary and Life Sciences sectors. The Sales and Account Manager is responsible for business development and account management in the UK Veterinary market.

This is a field based position. However, the successful candidate will be expected to attend regular meeting at our offices in Chertsey.

Please see the full job description here.

Please apply by emailing us your CV with a covering email explaining why you think you are the best person for the position.

First class maintenance and customer support for all Visbion solutions

Remote maintenance and customer support for all Visbion systems and software ensures minimum disruption for users

Visbion has consistently invested in the in-house development of bespoke tools and applications to enhance and refine our processes for providing product maintenance and customer support.  Support cases may be raised by any user 24/7 via our dedicated support telephone line and email address.  All support cases are automatically and immediately raised with our expert Customer Support Team based in the UK and Ireland, with clear and robust escalation mechanisms in place to ensure the urgency of cases and the impact to our customers is always reflected in the urgency of our response.

Of equal importance though, are the developments we have made in our remote performance management tools.  Visbion systems are enabled to monitor their own performance indicators, such as storage capacity, image transfer errors and service functioning.  For solutions such as the Image Cube Mobile Managed Service, the strength and quality of the network connection can even be monitored.  All this information is automatically and securely reported to the Visbion Customer Support Team.  This allows them to provide support and maintenance as responsively as possible; often before any impact on the users’ workflow even occurs.

All Visbion maintenance and support is provided securely and remotely, utilising tools such as these, minimising or eliminating disruption to user workflows and costly engineer call-out charges and allowing our customers and user to focus on their important work.

For more information on Visbion products and services, please get in touch.


Data is safe in our hands!

Visbion has achieved certification within the UK Government-backed Cyber Essentials programme.

This programme is designed to assess the steps an organisation has taken to protect themselves and the data they hold against online threats.  This includes remote vulnerability scanning and a review of information security management by an independent, accredited third-party.

By participating in this programme and achieving certification, Visbion has demonstrated that we are serious about protecting ourselves and our customers’ data from malicious actors and that our customers’ data is in safe hands when it is entrusted to us.

Connectivity solution for NHS Breast Screening Mobile Units

The NHS offers free breast imaging to women aged 50-70 to increase the chance of early detection of breast cancers. Latest research indicates that women choosing to participate in the programme had a 60% lower risk of dying from the disease within 10 years after diagnosis.

The use of mobile screening trailers makes the process more convenient for patients but poses some logistical issues for the Trust in terms of being able to securely transfer images and client data between the trailer and the central hospital site.

The Situation

Connectivity for breast screening programmeNHS Breast Screening Services operate trailers, which move around to various locations and provide accessible screening throughout the country. The trailers are fitted with radiography equipment, allowing mammograms to be quickly and easily performed as part of the screening process. Once image acquisition is complete, the images must then be transferred from the trailer back to the main hospital site for assessment and diagnosis. Traditionally, this transfer has been completed by the manual upload of images onto an external hard drive, which can then be sent via courier to the main hospital, but this process has drawbacks. The use of third-party drivers to transfer patient images and paper worklists can be expensive and increases vulnerability to information governance breaches.

In addition to this, the traditional setup does not allow for real-time updating of worklists or access to the NBSS, leading to a high level of administration for the radiographers working on the trailers. It can also lead to complications when patients fail to arrive or arrive at the wrong time for their appointment. Any alterations of demographics must also be noted down and changed in the central system at a later date, which also has the potential for further errors.

Visbion Solution

Breast screening connectivity VisbionVisbion have developed a bespoke Breast Screening Image Transfer solution. It enables the lossless transfer of compressed, encrypted DICOM images across 3G/4G networks safely and efficiently. Alongside this, they have incorporated the functionality to allow the staff on the trailer to access the NBSS and real-time worklists. All images are sent using AES-256 encryption to ensure security. A VPN connection across the NHS N3 network is used to create a secure connection between the Trust and the Visbion Data Centre.

NBSS; breast screening service; image routing; NHS

The solution comes as a managed service and is made up of a series of standard parts that can be easily installed onto any trailer. The Visbion Image Cube hardware can be positioned in an unobtrusive area and works in the background. If the trailer is moved to a new location, the system will automatically start sending with no need for complicated recalibrations. This means that there is no need for input from the staff on the trailer. Any issues that do arise will be detected and dealt with by the experienced Visbion support team as part of the service provided.

In conjunction with the standard image routing connection, live NBSS worklists can be viewed, providing real-time updates of appointments when there are cancellations or changes and allowing the staff on the mobile screening unit to make live changes to the system from their end. In addition, the imaging modality can be configured to show only the patients booked for that location rather than all mobile screening sites, providing a more efficient workflow.


The benefits of this image service can be seen by Trusts immediately; in terms of efficiency and data security. By negating the need for transfer of images via a courier and allowing free access to the NBSS, the Visbion service has led to the following improvements being realised:

  • Information governance is improved by removing the need for third party drivers/couriers
  • Real time updates to worklists leads to a reduction in patient demographic errors and promotes efficiency
  • Flexible hours of operation made possible by removing the time constraints of transferring paper and storage media via couriers
  • The system will continue to send overnight, allowing all images to be available for reporting by the following day
  • Promotion of an efficient, paperlite environment where staff can focus on clinical rather than administrative duties
  • The Visbion Image Cube is designed to run in the background, making it very unobtrusive

In particular, the speed of the image forwarding meaning that images are reliably available for reporting 24 hours after scanning. This enables clinicians to read and report on the images and provide results to patients quickly and efficiently.

For further information on Visbion image management solutions, get in touch