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Visbion is a world leading supplier of software for image storage, viewing, routing and management in the Healthcare, Veterinary and Life Sciences sectors. The Sales and Account Manager is responsible for business development and account management in the UK Veterinary market.

This is a field based position. However, the successful candidate will be expected to attend regular meeting at our offices in Chertsey.

Please see the full job description here.

Please apply by emailing us your CV with a covering email explaining why you think you are the best person for the position.

First class maintenance and customer support for all Visbion solutions

Remote maintenance and customer support for all Visbion systems and software ensures minimum disruption for users

Visbion has consistently invested in the in-house development of bespoke tools and applications to enhance and refine our processes for providing product maintenance and customer support.  Support cases may be raised by any user 24/7 via our dedicated support telephone line and email address.  All support cases are automatically and immediately raised with our expert Customer Support Team based in the UK and Ireland, with clear and robust escalation mechanisms in place to ensure the urgency of cases and the impact to our customers is always reflected in the urgency of our response.

Of equal importance though, are the developments we have made in our remote performance management tools.  Visbion systems are enabled to monitor their own performance indicators, such as storage capacity, image transfer errors and service functioning.  For solutions such as the Image Cube Mobile Managed Service, the strength and quality of the network connection can even be monitored.  All this information is automatically and securely reported to the Visbion Customer Support Team.  This allows them to provide support and maintenance as responsively as possible; often before any impact on the users’ workflow even occurs.

All Visbion maintenance and support is provided securely and remotely, utilising tools such as these, minimising or eliminating disruption to user workflows and costly engineer call-out charges and allowing our customers and user to focus on their important work.

For more information on Visbion products and services, please get in touch.


Data is safe in our hands!

Visbion has achieved certification within the UK Government-backed Cyber Essentials programme.

This programme is designed to assess the steps an organisation has taken to protect themselves and the data they hold against online threats.  This includes remote vulnerability scanning and a review of information security management by an independent, accredited third-party.

By participating in this programme and achieving certification, Visbion has demonstrated that we are serious about protecting ourselves and our customers’ data from malicious actors and that our customers’ data is in safe hands when it is entrusted to us.

Connectivity solution for NHS Breast Screening Mobile Units

The NHS offers free breast imaging to women aged 50-70 to increase the chance of early detection of breast cancers. Latest research indicates that women choosing to participate in the programme had a 60% lower risk of dying from the disease within 10 years after diagnosis.

The use of mobile screening trailers makes the process more convenient for patients but poses some logistical issues for the Trust in terms of being able to securely transfer images and client data between the trailer and the central hospital site.

The Situation

Connectivity for breast screening programmeNHS Breast Screening Services operate trailers, which move around to various locations and provide accessible screening throughout the country. The trailers are fitted with radiography equipment, allowing mammograms to be quickly and easily performed as part of the screening process. Once image acquisition is complete, the images must then be transferred from the trailer back to the main hospital site for assessment and diagnosis. Traditionally, this transfer has been completed by the manual upload of images onto an external hard drive, which can then be sent via courier to the main hospital, but this process has drawbacks. The use of third-party drivers to transfer patient images and paper worklists can be expensive and increases vulnerability to information governance breaches.

In addition to this, the traditional setup does not allow for real-time updating of worklists or access to the NBSS, leading to a high level of administration for the radiographers working on the trailers. It can also lead to complications when patients fail to arrive or arrive at the wrong time for their appointment. Any alterations of demographics must also be noted down and changed in the central system at a later date, which also has the potential for further errors.

Visbion Solution

Breast screening connectivity VisbionVisbion have developed a bespoke Breast Screening Image Transfer solution. It enables the lossless transfer of compressed, encrypted DICOM images across 3G/4G networks safely and efficiently. Alongside this, they have incorporated the functionality to allow the staff on the trailer to access the NBSS and real-time worklists. All images are sent using AES-256 encryption to ensure security. A VPN connection across the NHS N3 network is used to create a secure connection between the Trust and the Visbion Data Centre.

NBSS; breast screening service; image routing; NHS

The solution comes as a managed service and is made up of a series of standard parts that can be easily installed onto any trailer. The Visbion Image Cube hardware can be positioned in an unobtrusive area and works in the background. If the trailer is moved to a new location, the system will automatically start sending with no need for complicated recalibrations. This means that there is no need for input from the staff on the trailer. Any issues that do arise will be detected and dealt with by the experienced Visbion support team as part of the service provided.

In conjunction with the standard image routing connection, live NBSS worklists can be viewed, providing real-time updates of appointments when there are cancellations or changes and allowing the staff on the mobile screening unit to make live changes to the system from their end. In addition, the imaging modality can be configured to show only the patients booked for that location rather than all mobile screening sites, providing a more efficient workflow.


The benefits of this image service can be seen by Trusts immediately; in terms of efficiency and data security. By negating the need for transfer of images via a courier and allowing free access to the NBSS, the Visbion service has led to the following improvements being realised:

  • Information governance is improved by removing the need for third party drivers/couriers
  • Real time updates to worklists leads to a reduction in patient demographic errors and promotes efficiency
  • Flexible hours of operation made possible by removing the time constraints of transferring paper and storage media via couriers
  • The system will continue to send overnight, allowing all images to be available for reporting by the following day
  • Promotion of an efficient, paperlite environment where staff can focus on clinical rather than administrative duties
  • The Visbion Image Cube is designed to run in the background, making it very unobtrusive

In particular, the speed of the image forwarding meaning that images are reliably available for reporting 24 hours after scanning. This enables clinicians to read and report on the images and provide results to patients quickly and efficiently.

For further information on Visbion image management solutions, get in touch

Visbion enjoy successful exhibition at Symposium Mammographicum 2018

July 2018. Visbion have once again attended the Symposium Mammographic conference, this year held in Liverpool from the 8-10 July 2018. The main focus for Visbion on this occasion was to promote their Image Cube for Mobile Breast Screening Service and the response from delegates was very positive. Visbion CEO Stefan Claesen and Healthcare Sales Manager Petra Slade attended the conference and were delighted with the interest shown in the Visbion service, speaking to delegates from multiple NHS trusts. The Image Cube service is an innovative connectivity system for Mobile Breast Screening Units, providing secure DICOM routing of images from mobile unit back the hospital PACS and also real time access to NBSS. Already installed in several units across the UK, Visbion are looking forwards to connecting with the delegates from the event over the coming weeks to discuss how the Image Cube system can help them improve efficiency, information governance and more.

Visbion Stand

Visbion Healthcare Sales Manager Petra Slade on the Visbion Exhibition Stand

£5m Paragon Veterinary Referrals opens its doors and chooses Visbion for its image archiving needs

Feb 2018. State-of-the-art animal centre Paragon Veterinary Referrals has opened the doors of its new £5 million Yorkshire site.

Opened on Monday, February 5, the centre, which is based in Wakefield’s Paragon Business Park, is owned by the Linnaeus Group, and is part of the successful and highly regarded Calder Vets, which is based in Dewsbury and has 12 practices across Yorkshire.

At 18,000 sq ft and across three floors, Paragon is purpose built and will be a centre of excellence for veterinary medicine, with specialists in a wide range of fields, including anaesthesia, cardiology, diagnostic imaging, ophthalmology and orthopaedic surgery.

The facilities on site reflect the aims of the team with no less than five ultra-hygienic operating theatres, 24-hour intensive care and an extensive suite of imaging modalities, including a 16-slice CT scanner, 1.5T MRI and dedicated radiography, ultrasound and endoscopy rooms.

The Paragon nursing team on launch day

The Paragon nursing team on launch day

In order to manage the data from the new imaging modalities, Paragon recognised the requirement for a comprehensive archiving system and so approached Visbion as the leading supplier of PACS (picture archive and communication system) to the veterinary market. Visbion put forward the Image Archive Enterprise system as a candidate to fulfil Paragons requirements. Visbion Image Archive is a flexible, high end PACS that includes secure storage, full audit trails, a reporting facility and a built-in DICOM viewer making it a perfect accompaniment to a modern imaging department. With a large storage capacity and being fully scalable, the Enterprise system was ideal for Paragon’s current and future needs.

Paragon required a solution that could be incorporated on their existing IT infrastructure; therefore, Visbion supplied a software only solution that has been installed on a ‘virtual server’ environment. Visbion have worked closely with the Linnaeus IT team to ensure a smooth integration.

As well as installing the main Enterprise system, Visbion also utilised their innovative Image Cube technology to provide a link between the Calder Vets Dewsbury branch, where the previous hospital was located, and the new Paragon centre.

This imaging link allows the images taken at Dewsbury to be stored in the new archive and for the two sites to easily share data, it also allows all imaging from both sites to be reported and viewed externally as required. The Visbion system will be fully integrated with the practice management system at Paragon, giving an added level of efficiency to the workflow.

Paragon Clinical Director Adam Bell commented of the project: “The opening of Paragon is the culmination of an 18-month project to bring the very best quality referral veterinary centre here to Wakefield.

“We’re delighted to open our doors and the team here at Paragon Veterinary Referrals are totally committed to and looking forward to, providing excellent care for patients using the latest veterinary techniques.”

Visbion CEO Mark van Rossum commented: “We’re thrilled to have been involved with this project, working from the initial PACS proposal to seeing the installation in place at the newly opened centre. Visbion work at the front of the imaging field and are proud to see our Image Archive Enterprise system in place at this prestigious new site”.

Visbion look to the future with management changes and continued focus on excellence in their products

Jan 2018. Visbion enters the New Year with a number of key changes to the management structure. These are designed to play to the strengths of the whole team and ensure delivery of the best possible service to our customers. Former Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mark van Rossum has now taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), using his wealth of experience in management and business development in the healthcare sector to lead Visbion forwards. This will allow Dr Stefan Claesen to step into the job of Chief Technology Officer (CTO), a role to which he is ideally suited, bringing a wealth of technical experience and expertise. The change will enable him to focus more closely on the development of the core technologies that make up the Visbion product range as well as looking towards exciting new products.

Mark has working in the healthcare market for over 30 years and has managed many large projects over that time. Since joining Visbion in summer 2016, Mark has shown himself to be a dedicated and effective COO and there is no doubt that he will continue to be highly effective in his new role. As CEO he will oversee all aspects of the business, including our ongoing relationships with customers and partner companies as well as looking for new opportunities to grow the company.

Stefan is internationally renowned as an expert in the development of information technology for the healthcare market. He has been involved in writing a number of sections of the internationally recognised DICOM (digital imaging and communication in medicine) Standard, which is a key component of the Visbion software. In his new role at CTO, Stefan will use his extensive skill set and knowledge base to focus more centrally on the ongoing development of the Visbion product range. Alongside this he will also be continuing with existing and future customer relationships.

Visbion Chairman Professor Richard Kitney stated that this was ‘An exciting new chapter for Visbion and the whole team are looking forward to seeing the positive results that these changes will bring’.

Visbion add fantastic new HTML5 option to their range of viewers

­­July 2017. Chertsey, UK. Visbion have expanded their existing range of viewing applications with a fantastic new HTML5 based option. The Visbion HTML5 viewer – known as Image Display, will join Image Viewer and Image Web to provide a comprehensive suite of image viewing options for any situation. Image Display will be integrated into the Image Archive and Image World applications to allow studies to be launched directly from the archive, giving a seamless workflow. Image Display requires no installation and is a platform independent, zero footprint application that can be viewed in any browser – including those for iOS.

Image Display can be used on a desktop workstation but the functionality is designed to work equally well on handheld devices. Visbion are experts at using standards, working them into the core components of all their technology, and Image Display is no exception. The new viewer is completely standards based and draws on the latest DICOM Web restful services QIDO-RS, WADO-RS and STOW-RS. Furthermore, these services are now fully supported by the Visbion Image Archive software, something that Visbion intends to utilise in the future to launch a range of exciting new products targeted at mobile devices.

Image Display includes a selection of manipulation and annotation tools, including window levelling, zoom, pan and the ability to measure lines and angles. Images can be viewed in multiple layouts and using the simple but fast ‘drag and drop’ functionality, studies from different dates can be inserted side by side for comparison. Visbion are constantly looking for new ways of improving user experience and are delighted to be able to launch this new viewer to our customers.

HTML5 HC ScreenshotHTML5 Vet Screenshot


Visbion and ezyVet achieve Practice Management System and DICOM Modality Worklist integration for DKC Veterinary Clinic

ezyVet Logo_Blue_Stacked (1)

June 2017. Visbion have supplied an Image Archive PACS for DKC Veterinary Clinic (a Dubai Kennels & Cattery company). As part of this install, Visbion have incorporated Smart Integration with ezyVet – the centre’s chosen practice management system.

The practice, based in Motor City, Dubai, was opened in early 2015 and is an extension of Dubai Kennels & Cattery, aimed at allowing the company to provide services for all aspects of companion animal care. Within the purpose-built practice, DKCVet have a range of imaging modalities, including ultrasound, DR and dental radiography. In order to securely store the images from all of these systems, DKCVet decided to invest in a PACS and with the assistance of Medical Plus, the Visbion Image Archive system was proposed and accepted.

The Image Archive PACS allows for secure storage plus access to query, retrieve and view images from any modality on a single workstation, providing a fantastic all-round solution. Standard practice management integration allows users to access the Visbion patient record directly from the ezyVet system. The more extensive Smart Integration deployed at DKCVet enables DICOM modality worklists to be created on receipt of an imaging request booking from the ezyVet system. The patient information is populated automatically on the imaging devices, leading to improved efficiency and a reduction in errors by avoiding the requirement to manually input patient details on the modality. This form of integration is rarely seen in the veterinary community and Visbion were delighted to leverage their experience of DICOM modality worklists from the healthcare industry to complete this new installation.

Visbion response to NHS Cyber Attack

May 2017. Following news of a widespread ransomware infection in the NHS network, Visbion took the proactive decision to shut down our N3/Transition Network connectivity on Friday (12 May).  This was a precautionary measure to ensure that our infrastructure and customer data were not vulnerable to this attack, and that our service provision could not be used to further disseminate the malicious program in question to our customers and users.

Our Professional Services Team have carefully reviewed the ransomware used in the reported attack, and have ensured that the Microsoft Windows Operating System patch*, PC Firewall configuration**, and network firewalls are all in place to protect our N3 connected infrastructure, customer data, and service users.

We can confirm that Visbion has not been affected by this incident and is fully protected against the vulnerability which allowed this ransomware to spread across the NHS network.

We have therefore reactivated our N3/Transition Network connection, and are available to provide our customers with any support they require in resuming normal service provision.

* KB4012598, KB4012212, KB4012215, KB4012213, KB4012216, KB4012214, KB4012217, KB4012606, KB4013198, and/or KB4013429

** Port 445 (SMB) blocked or robustly filtered”