Visbion add fantastic new HTML5 option to their range of viewers

­­July 2017. Chertsey, UK. Visbion have expanded their existing range of viewing applications with a fantastic new HTML5 based option. The Visbion HTML5 viewer – known as Image Display, will join Image Viewer and Image Web to provide a comprehensive suite of image viewing options for any situation. Image Display will be integrated into the Image Archive and Image World applications to allow studies to be launched directly from the archive, giving a seamless workflow. Image Display requires no installation and is a platform independent, zero footprint application that can be viewed in any browser – including those for iOS.

Image Display can be used on a desktop workstation but the functionality is designed to work equally well on handheld devices. Visbion are experts at using standards, working them into the core components of all their technology, and Image Display is no exception. The new viewer is completely standards based and draws on the latest DICOM Web restful services QIDO-RS, WADO-RS and STOW-RS. Furthermore, these services are now fully supported by the Visbion Image Archive software, something that Visbion intends to utilise in the future to launch a range of exciting new products targeted at mobile devices.

Image Display includes a selection of manipulation and annotation tools, including window levelling, zoom, pan and the ability to measure lines and angles. Images can be viewed in multiple layouts and using the simple but fast ‘drag and drop’ functionality, studies from different dates can be inserted side by side for comparison. Visbion are constantly looking for new ways of improving user experience and are delighted to be able to launch this new viewer to our customers.

HTML5 HC ScreenshotHTML5 Vet Screenshot


Visbion and ezyVet achieve Practice Management System and DICOM Modality Worklist integration for DKC Veterinary Clinic

ezyVet Logo_Blue_Stacked (1)

June 2017. Visbion have supplied an Image Archive PACS for DKC Veterinary Clinic (a Dubai Kennels & Cattery company). As part of this install, Visbion have incorporated Smart Integration with ezyVet - the centre’s chosen practice management system.

The practice, based in Motor City, Dubai, was opened in early 2015 and is an extension of Dubai Kennels & Cattery, aimed at allowing the company to provide services for all aspects of companion animal care. Within the purpose-built practice, DKCVet have a range of imaging modalities, including ultrasound, DR and dental radiography. In order to securely store the images from all of these systems, DKCVet decided to invest in a PACS and with the assistance of Medical Plus, the Visbion Image Archive system was proposed and accepted.

The Image Archive PACS allows for secure storage plus access to query, retrieve and view images from any modality on a single workstation, providing a fantastic all-round solution. Standard practice management integration allows users to access the Visbion patient record directly from the ezyVet system. The more extensive Smart Integration deployed at DKCVet enables DICOM modality worklists to be created on receipt of an imaging request booking from the ezyVet system. The patient information is populated automatically on the imaging devices, leading to improved efficiency and a reduction in errors by avoiding the requirement to manually input patient details on the modality. This form of integration is rarely seen in the veterinary community and Visbion were delighted to leverage their experience of DICOM modality worklists from the healthcare industry to complete this new installation.

Visbion response to NHS Cyber Attack

May 2017. Following news of a widespread ransomware infection in the NHS network, Visbion took the proactive decision to shut down our N3/Transition Network connectivity on Friday (12 May).  This was a precautionary measure to ensure that our infrastructure and customer data were not vulnerable to this attack, and that our service provision could not be used to further disseminate the malicious program in question to our customers and users.

Our Professional Services Team have carefully reviewed the ransomware used in the reported attack, and have ensured that the Microsoft Windows Operating System patch*, PC Firewall configuration**, and network firewalls are all in place to protect our N3 connected infrastructure, customer data, and service users.

We can confirm that Visbion has not been affected by this incident and is fully protected against the vulnerability which allowed this ransomware to spread across the NHS network.

We have therefore reactivated our N3/Transition Network connection, and are available to provide our customers with any support they require in resuming normal service provision.

* KB4012598, KB4012212, KB4012215, KB4012213, KB4012216, KB4012214, KB4012217, KB4012606, KB4013198, and/or KB4013429

** Port 445 (SMB) blocked or robustly filtered”

Molly and Max Vets sign up to Image World with direct access from RxWorks practice management system

Molly and Max Logo

April 2017. Molly and Max Veterinary Practice has signed up to Image World, Visbion’s cloud PACS and are now enjoying the added benefit of having direct access from their RxWorks practice management system. Molly and Max is a dedicated small animal practice based in Parsons Green, London. Established in 2010, the practice prides itself on providing a patient centred experience for the variety of species they treat. The practice was purpose built as a veterinary clinic and has always looked to ensure they are working with the most up to date equipment to ensure the highest level of veterinary care for their patients.

Molly and Max team photo

When looking to replace their existing PACS, Molly and Max wanted to avoid needing new hardware and so the cloud based nature of Image World made it an ideal option for them. Having initially signed up to a 30 day trial on the Visbion stand at London Vet Show, Molly and Max are now using Image World for all their image storage needs. Their DR system has been configured to send images directly to Image World and the existing data from the previous PACS has been migrated in, ensuring the practice staff have access to a full record of data for all their patients.

Image acquisition

To further improve their workflows, Molly and Max were keen to have access to the new Image World PACS from their existing RxWorks practice management system. Utilising existing smart URL functionality within RxWorks, users at Molly and Max are able to open images stored in Image World directly from the patient record in the practice management software. The two systems work together to create a fantastic, practical workflow, which will improve efficiency for the practice team.

Molly&Max 3

Visbion add new strength to development team

March 2017. Visbion have added new strength to their expanding development team with the addition of Matthew Welham. The Visbion development team provide the technical expertise to provide consistent updating and expansion of the Visbion products. With years of software development experience between them, the team are constantly working to ensure that the Visbion products remain at the top of the field. As the business continues to grow, the addition of an extra developer has been a natural progression to allow for continued maintenance and expansion of the Visbion range. Matthew joins Visbion with a strong development background gained from his academic, professional and personal pursuits. He has entered into his new role with enthusiasm and is already an integral part of the team.

Visbion install Image Archive and complete data migration at Newnham Court Veterinary Group

Newnham Court Veterinary Hospital


Chertsey, UK. Feb 2017. Newnham Court Veterinary Group has purchased a Visbion Image Archive system for their clinic, based in Maidstone. Newnham Court consists of a tier 3 small animal veterinary hospital and a dedicated equine clinic. The team at Newnham are committed to providing the best care to their patients. By participating in regular training to keep up with the latest advances in veterinary medicine and keeping their equipment and facilities up to date, Newnham ensure that they stay at the top of their game.

In order to ensure that the practice was running as efficiently as possible, Newnham invested in a new practice management system (PMS) from RxWorks. Alongside this update, Newnham also decided to replace their PACS (picture archive and communication system). The Visbion Image Archive Mid Range System provided an ideal solution to their needs, being able to integrate with the new RxWorks PMS and connect to up to 5 different modalities. The Visbion system has also provided greater flexibility to the Newnham team as they can now access their images from anywhere in the practice, including in the clinic rooms, making viewing with clients easier. As part of the install for the new Image Archive system, Visbion provided a day of training for the Newnham staff to ensure that they could use the software to its full potential.

Once the system was up and running, the Visbion team began the process of migrating the data from the previous PACS onto the Visbion archive. This will allow the Newham staff to access all their old studies as well as new ones, giving a complete patient record in one place and the ability to view studies from different dates side by side – providing an efficient process for comparative assessments.

First Finnish Veterinary Practice signs up to Image World

image world; pacs; veterinary; radiography
Chertsey, UK. December 2016. Talliklinikka, a veterinary practice based in the Uusimaa region of Finland have signed up to an Image World account. The clinic was established in 2002 and offers both Equine and Small Animal services to their clients. Having acquired a portable x-ray unit, the three vet practice were looking for a secure but simple way to store their radiographs and were keen on the idea of using a cloud based system as there would be no need to install new hardware. Practice vet Minna Viitanen started a free trial of Image World (Visbion’s cloud-based PACS) after visiting the Visbion exhibition stand at the annual BEVA congress earlier this year. Tallikinikka’s mobile digital x-ray system, provided by Medical Econet GmbH, Germany, has been configured to send studies to Image World when connected to a suitable network, creating a simple workflow for the practice vets. Talliklinikka are also looking to integrate their practice management system with Image World in order to further improve efficiency.

University Veterinary Hospital become first USA based practice to sign up to Image World

UVH Logo

October 2016. University Veterinary Hospital (UVH) in Louisiana have signed up to Image World – Visbion’s cloud-based PACS and are now the first USA based veterinary practice to be using the system. UVH are a large small animal practice offering both first opinion and referral services based in Shreveport, Louisiana. As well as veterinary care, UVH provide boarding, grooming and daycare facilities for their client’s pets, aiming to provide everything the pet owner needs in one place. The hospital staff pride themselves on providing high standards of care and keeping up with the latest developments in medicine and surgery. UVH’s dedication to new technologies is reflected in the fact that they have chosen to go cloud based with Image World and their practice management system provider. The Visbion and practice management systems will provide a fully integrated method for UVH to view all their patient images. UVH were very keen to go cloud-based as it allowed them to move away from the need to purchase and incorporate new hardware into their practice.


Image World provides a high quality PACS and also includes access to Image Web, a comprehensive DICOM viewer, allowing users to easily access and review their images. UVH have connected their DR, ultrasound and dental radiography equipment to Image World, keeping all their DICOM images in one place. Image World will also give them the option to add non-DICOM data to the patient record and allow for efficient data management. Image World is available as an easy monthly subscription package.

Downe Vets sign up to Image World

Downe vets Logo

June 2016. Downe Veterinary Clinic has become the first Irish practice to sign up to Visbion’s cloud-based PACS – Image World. Downe Vets is a 2 branch practice serving County Down in Northern Ireland. The practice was established in 1977 and has its roots in equine and farm medicine, with recent years seeing an expansion of their companion animal services. With the practice continuing to grow and evolve, the need to be able to easily store and review their diagnostic images became apparent. The practice therefore signed up to Image World and found that the software, including access to Image Web (DICOM viewer) provided all the functionality they required. Downe Vets are also keen to integrate Image World with their practice management software in order to further improve the efficiency of their daily routines. As there is no limit to the number of modalities that can connect to Image World or the number of studies that can be stored, the service will be able to grow with the practice; providing reliable, long term storage.

Visbion demonstrates new breast screening service at busy UKRC

June 2016. Visbion once again attended the annual UKRC conference, held this year in Liverpool on the 6-8th June. The conference was well attended and the exhibition area busy, with the addition of the UKRO section adding extra depth. Visbion took the opportunity to showcase their Mobile Breast Screening Connectivity Service with a new piece of demo equipment. The demo unit displays how the pre-defined set of parts make up a compact and efficient system, which can be installed onto any mobile trailer.

NBSS; breast screening service; image routing; NHS

The Visbion service for mobile breast screening allows for routing of images from the van to the hospital PACS via a 3G/4G network. The connection also allows the mobile workers access to real-time worklists and the NBSS.

Alongside the breast screening service, the Visbion stand also hosted information regarding the rest of the product range, including the Vendor Neutral Archive solution. Over the course of the conference, Visbion were pleased to have the opportunity to catch up with some of our current customers and also make some interesting new connections.

UKRC; VNA; imaging; data sharing; connectivity

The stand included interactive screens and a rolling video display to provide more information on the Visbion product ranges.