Another NHS Trust goes paperless for Breast Screening Programme

Visbion is delighted to announce that  our technology has enabled another NHS Trust to go paperless for the National Breast Screening programme.

We are currently working with Trusts across the country to provide connectivity between mobile breast screening trailers and the main hospital site. Our Image Cube technology allows mammography scans to be quickly and safely encrypted and transferred via 4G from the mobile screening van to the hospital systems. This ensures that there are no delays in making the imaging available for reporting by the radiologist.

In addition, the breast screening staff can now directly access NBSS, as well as their NHS email from a laptop in the mobile unit.

The Trusts are now finding that by implementing Image Cube managed software service, they can very quickly eliminate the need for scans and clinic lists to be transported by courier between the screening van and the hospital. The switch to a paperless workflow will increase efficiency and data security as well as reduce costs.

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